original release. 2019

seasons. 1 2 3 4 5

creator. Faraday Roke


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   The backwoods Appalachian town of Harbor poses a question on its dilapidated welcome sign: “Are You Home?”​

   Sam Greer reluctantly is. Thankfully, Al Greer is there to welcome her little brother back. His arrival, however, makes waves in her own life, revealing a perplexing group of neighbors that Al has secretly worked alongside for years - non-Human creatures called Cryptids, who have alarming attributes and a multitude of personal problems. The siblings are thrust back-to-back as a swell of forces pull them into bizarre feuds.

All as Harbor begins to stir from it’s sleepy complacency...​

Al and Sam are, for better or worse, home.

Great Characters​

"The storyline and characters (fantastic character development!) drew me in. The dry humor and relatable relationships between brother/sister and coworkers keeps me coming back for more!

I love this show!"

— Emariewallis, iTunes, 5 stars

"I guess I picked the right time to find your podcast since I get to binge 10 episodes at once! Just wanted to say I really love it. Like, can't even name a favorite part or character, I love them all. Thanks for making and sharing it!"


— Alyssa Stark, Email


"Having finished the first season, my brain is mush. They've made a cryptid mystery drama that of all things, reminds me of a Wes Anderson film. Such beautifully realized observations about the duality of ride or die affection in sibling relationships, as well as built up resentments. The redemption aspect wasn't something I was expecting and I loved how they handled it. The dialogue is deliberately kooky and occasionally old fashioned, and many of the funniest lines are delivered as under the breath grousing. Also, these aren't copy paste cryptids. The show starts with a cryptid who presents as a sentience controlling three bodies. The next one is a voice that is best described as charmingly dangerous. And each one after that is probably something that hasn't been brought up in this genre before. I love it."

— ezgo22, iTunes, 5 stars

"An absolute must for anyone that loves a great story about those things lurking at the edge of our imagination, and the people that share coffee with them at the office."

— Dorian Shaner, Facebook

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